7 reasons why you should have a personal finance Advisor

7 reasons why you should have a personal finance Advisor

To achieve the goals and objectives, one has to spend the money wisely.

According to a recent study, the reason why many Lottery Winners end up once again becoming poor in less than three years is that they lack of financial education, information and guidance on how to spend their earnings. To avoid these problems it is recommended to seek the services of an experienced financial advisor.

7 reasons why you should have a personal finance Advisor

These are some of the main reasons why you should have a consultant in personal finance.

1. management of your income

One of the best ways of meet monthly expenses and save a certain percentage of income is through financial planning. Financial planning experts help customers understand the amount of money that should be spent for the payment of taxes, investment, savings and monthly expenses.

2. increase your cash flow

Most of the people tend to change their patterns of spending due to an increase in their income. A personal finance Advisor can show you a way to improve through cash flow the control of expenses and your spending patterns. More important still, intelligent, tax planning, and the results of the budget in more savings and spending less.

3. capital increase

An increase in revenue and an adequate control of expenses produced a capital increase as a result. This will significantly help to safeguard the financial future and consider channeling some of the money in investments that offer better recurring benefits. An accredited personal finance advisory helps clients to choose the best investment opportunities that exist in the world today.

4. saving for the future

It is essential to design the necessary plans to ensure that their loved ones have enough money to live after the death of a father, mother, spouse or other be beloved and great economic support for the family.

In addition to saving a portion of their income on a fixed account or savings, you must consider the possibility of an insurance policy. Be sure to pay monthly premiums on time to get the maximum benefit from them.

5. advice by a professional investment

Through the pursuit of careers in financial planning, customers get crucial information that helps them to choose one investment that route with their goals, needs and personality. Bad investment decisions may compromise a person’s ability to meet its financial obligations.

As well, the importance of having the indicated investment advisor to guide you and help you make the best decision in terms of investment.

6. enjoy a good standard of living

Through sound management of the money, it is possible to save enough money for a rainy day or times of crisis. A good money management and have sound personal finance, has allowed hundreds of people overcome times of crisis, and to ensure a comfortable life, even if, as they are not able to work due to injury or other unforeseen events.

The way to ensure a good standard of living is to start from today itself with a financial plan that takes you on the right track. So, if you have still not made your financial plan we invite you to read the following article…

7. improving the management of your assets

The management of the assets is not an easy task. It is imperative to manage well and to achieve optimal benefits. Based on the fact that most of them come with passive (they are acquired with debts or loans), it is essential to know the actual value of each of your assets.

The advice of a financial advisor teaches you how to deal with the liabilities, as well as the construction of assets that will not become a burden to manage in the future.

In fact, the good news today is that you can be your own financial advisor, and to achieve this, you must train you and be sure to take consciousness and absolute liability on your personal finances.

In the School of education financial you guide on everything you need to know to have a healthy personal finance, be prepared and with the knowledge that will enable you to manage your money properly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the refinancing of debt

Advantages and disadvantages of the refinancing of debt

Such as the personal loans, the  refinancing of debts in Seville can also agree to it in Internet, convenience that saves the path to the financial company that will run with the task of uniting the different monthly payments avoid all the usual bureaucracy.

The refinancing of debt is not more than meet all the monthly payments, which are made to several companies of credit in a single payment. Through the refinancing of debt, we managed to make a single monthly payment comprising all debts. The refinancing is clearly a way to get more money when we are indebted.

In many cases lenders can be found online that give acceptable conditions without profit in exaggeratedly solvency crisis fall some, especially in these times of global economic crisis.

If you are in a tiring economic situation can apply for the refinancing of debt, but taking into account what are the profits and the cons.

Benefits of the refinancing of debts:

The fundamental usefulness of the refinancing of debt is an opportunity to pay it only once a month and cover all the debts we have. By paying a single fee we are in a better position to deal with it that obliged to make payments at different dates different debt payments by bank account, and a dismissal in the calculation of the value of the month, or some unexpected event may can preventing respect the disbursement of such quotas.

Another excellent benefit from refinancing of debt is that we obtain through bank financing to reduce the amount of cash that is paid monthly. I.e., if joining the totality of the debt payments was us pay a fairly high amount and that almost is towards, also passed by Bank bills on different days of the month; with the refinancing of debts can everything to a single fee of much less quantity. On several occasions the refinancing of debt can reduce money to pay each month up to 60-70% lower.

Taking in consideration that we will spend less and a single fee per month, you would think that the refinancing of debt is the great solution to the problem of excessive indebtedness, but beware, also has its difficulties.

Drawbacks of the refinancing of debts:

Normally, in order to reduce the monthly fee we need to disburse, the credit institution serving the request of reunification of debts, should be a longer time loan. That is to say that we will have to pay for more time, but a lower monthly amount. This is the only way in which lenders of any kind can risk giving a credit to an individual or family that calls for hiring a debt refinancing.

It is necessary to understand that for these institutions a contract of this type is quite risky, because it may occur that a person or family add more debt you already have and tangled the issue even more. Sometimes there is no other option, but if it’s feasible, when the refinancing has been agreed debt, is should not acquire any other debt unless strictly unavoidable situations, as matters of illness or education.

Four tips to improve your corporate image during a crisis

Four tips to improve your corporate image during a crisis

It is not always easy for companies to improve your corporate image during a time of crisis. For this reason, it is very important to build a positive brand reputation and prepare in advance. Although your corporate image is one of the most important aspects of a company’s growth and is a key sales generator, often placed in the background.

In Creative Staff we have worked with clients during its times of crisis, and we have helped them to improve their corporate images. If you are facing a bad time in your company, we share with you some tips to improve your corporate image during a time of crisis. These tips can also serve as a basis to create an effective crisis-management strategy.

1 be quick

Don’t hide under a stone when you pass by a crisis. Be visible and faces any problem as soon as possible. At all times, you must be aware of the feelings that people have about your brand and prepare a strategy in advance;otherwise, you will lose important time creating your response and will not be able to save the corporate image of your company.

2 be honest

You hundirás in your most deep hole if you tergiversas facts publicly, especially during a crisis. To improve your corporate image, it is best to be transparent from the start. The media and the public tends to be harder with evasive or dishonest companies and rely more on those that are open and honest.


3 be proactive

Your responses and messages must be proactive and must point towards solutions to improve your corporate image during a crisis.

Your messages should convey your understanding on the situation and the steps that you take to resolve any errors.If your message is very passive, the crisis may worsen.

4 be organized

Although it is impossible to prepare for every problematic scenario, a good agency will always help with detailed plans to deal with any potential crisis. Be sure to appoint a person in your company, as the Chief Executive Officer or other professional qualified as a spokesman during critical times. With only a source of information, you can ensure that your company is attached and communicate a consistent message that improve the corporate image.

The marketing agency you choose as a partner before, during and after a crisis, should know to take advantage of social media campaigns and must be aware of optimization tactics (SEO) search engine. Working together, these strategies solidify and promote your corporate image, and at the same time will generate sales.